Get Rid of Pain from Knee Injury

woman playing tennisKnee pain and the inability to use your knee normally interferes with your day-to-day life. The good news is that it can be repaired. While serious knee injuries such as ACL tears are more common in athletes, the fragile cartilage in the knee called the meniscus can be damaged from everyday activities like standing up out of a chair or pivoting your knee. Dr. Robert Lupo can evaluate your knee injury and recommend surgical and nonsurgical treatment options at our brand new office in Erie, PA.

Knee Injury Treatment

Knee Injury Evaluation

Your knee injury will be assessed for signs of ligament or cartilage damage, which typically indicate a need for surgical reconstruction of the joint. An XRAY or MRI may be required for this. With your knee injury, you may be experiencing aching or sharp pains from tissue damage.

The presence of arthritis can also lend itself to knee pain and injury. Dr. Robert Lupo will take a look at your range of motion, ability to bend, pain and swelling, and consider your desired activity level. Then, he will be able to provide a diagnosis such as a ligament tear, tendonitis, shin splints, or runner’s knee, and recommend the next step to get you back in action.

Knee Injury Treatment

Minor knee injuries such as lower grade strains may heal with conservative treatments such as bracing and physical therapy over time. Even for more major injuries such as ACL tears, nonsurgical treatment may be recommended in younger individuals to avoid growth plate damage. Rest, ice, compression, and elevation can assist with this type of treatment, along with a dedication to stretching and completing exercises.

Knee Surgery

Because of the limited blood flow to the knee, ligaments that have been completely torn will typically not heal without surgical intervention. Dr. Robert Lupo can reconstruct the damaged ligaments with an arthroscopic procedure that offers minimal risks, small incisions and short recovery time.

The damaged ligaments will be replaced with tissue from other areas of your leg, or cadaver tissue may be used. The time it will take to get back to sporting activities will vary, but you can expect to return to regular daily activities much more quickly. Surgery will often be followed by a physical therapy plan to effectively rehabilitate the knee.

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