Treat Shoulder Pain For Good

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You don’t have to tolerate painful shoulder conditions. Whether your range of motion is limited, or you are experiencing weakness performing your daily activities, there is a solution to restore your shoulder function. Dr. Robert Lupo can evaluate your shoulder injury to determine the cause of your pain and the recommended course of treatment, including surgical and nonsurgical options. Visit our state-of-the-art facility to get on the path to treatment.

Shoulder Injury Treatment

Shoulder Injury Evaluation

An evaluation of your shoulder and symptoms such as limited range of motion, weakness, pain, or inability to lift will help Dr. Robert Lupo determine the type of shoulder injury you have. An XRAY or MRI may also be needed to check for tears, strains and fractures. Rotator cuff injuries are the most common, but you may also be suffering from shoulder dislocation, arthritis of the AC joint, biceps tendon rupture, clavicle fracture, a SLAP tear, tendonitis, or another condition.

Shoulder Injury Treatment

Some shoulder injuries can be reversed with a dedicated physical therapy regimen of appropriate exercises. Depending on the severity and type of condition, Dr. Robert Lupo can determine if the condition is likely to improve over time. A sling may be used for comfort and protection when not participating in physical therapy. If surgery is needed for your shoulder injury, Dr. Robert Lupo can perform minimally-invasive arthroscopic surgery to repair a damaged ligament or joint.

Shoulder Replacement

Depending on your pain and function, shoulder reconstruction may be the best course of treatment.  This may be a total shoulder replacement, removal of floating bone fragments, or smoothing of bone surfaces. The shoulder replacement procedure takes between one to two hours. The surgeon will remove portions of the joint that have been damaged and replace them with small, sustainable prosthetic parts.

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